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Cremation Package Includes

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Assistance in filing for VA & Social Security Benefits
  • Alternative container (the container the body is cremated in)
  • Rigid container (for the return of the cremated remains)
Only $695 - $1395

Package Pricing does not include: cash advance items, state fees for permits, certified copies of the death certificates, sales tax or newspaper charges. You will be able to see final cost prior to payment.

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Veteran's Benefits

If your loved one was in the military they may qualify for a burial with Military Funeral Honors or (MFH). This Veterans benefit includes an Honor Guard detail of not less than two Armed Services members at the burial or memorial, burial in a Government cemetery, and a grave marker.

  Social Security Benefits

Family members of the deceased may be entitled to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased worked long enough and had Social Security taken out of their paycheck...

How to Give a Eulogy

The eulogy or speech given at a memorial service or funeral does not have to follow any specific guide on how to write a eulogy, but it is helpful if you know where to start.

Touring Funeral Homes before Making Arrangements

It may seem morbid to tour a funeral home, but the funeral industry expects clients to demand exceptional service. For this reason, many funeral homes in Gable(SC) offer guided tours so that you can see the grounds and insure that the funeral home offers the space you need. Gable(SC) funeral homes are even getting techie and offering virtual tours of their facilities on their websites. Viewing a virtual tour is a good way to start your research when looking at funeral homes in Gable(SC). A virtual tour provides you with photographs of the funeral home put together in a slideshow presentation. Some Gable(SC) funeral homes may even have videos loaded onto popular video sharing sites, allowing you to experience the funeral home from the comfort of your own home.
You can utilize a virtual tour to determine if you want to schedule an on-site tour with the funeral director. If you look at the virtual tour and the funeral venue doesn't appeal to your tastes, you can cross it off your list. You may even find a place online that you didn't know existed in your city and take a virtual tour before scheduling an appointment. Virtual tours aren't meant to replace on-site tours because you only get a small feel for funeral homes in Gable(SC) when looking at a video. You really need to schedule a tour with the funeral home staff to determine if it's the right place for you.

Touring Gable(SC) Funeral Homes
Visiting funeral homes in Gable(SC) is important to insure that the venue offers everything you need for a loved one's funeral. Although the tour doesn't officially start until you meet with someone from the funeral home, you can start surveying the property the minute you pull into the parking lot. Is the setting serene and peaceful? Was the funeral home easy to find, especially for those who may be coming from out of town? Does the parking lot have ample parking to accommodate all of your guests? Is the outside of the funeral home clean and well presented?

All Gable(SC) funeral homes are not created equal. Each home is run by a different owner and staff, so you will visit some homes that are decorated in a contemporary style and some that have older, traditional style décor. The important thing about the décor is that it's warm and inviting and not solemn and sad. You will want to visit the chapel and visiting rooms to insure that there is enough space. Some funeral homes in Gable(SC) have chapels that convert into a visiting room, so make sure to have the staff explain exactly how it will work on the day of the funeral.

Extra Things to Check Out on Your Tour
While the visiting rooms and chapel are two of the most important aspects in Gable(SC) funeral homes, there are additional aspects that affect the service, too. Make sure you have the funeral home demonstrate the sound system if you will be playing music or showing a video. It's also important that you double check the amount of privacy available to your friends and family during the service. Most funeral homes in Gable(SC) try to offer the utmost in privacy, but it doesn't hurt to check so there are no surprises on the day of the funeral.

If there will be children at the funeral, see if the funeral home offers a separate children's area. Gable(SC) funeral homes understand that not every child is prepared to attend a funeral service and will offer a separate seating area with toys and entertainment that children can enjoy during the service. The funeral homes in Gable(SC) don't often provide a care giver for the children, so you will need to arrange for someone to sit with the children during the service.

Separate Reception Area
Gable(SC) funeral homes are allowed to serve food on the premises, and some homes have a separate reception area. If you will hold a memorial service on site, it's imperative that you look at the reception area. Make sure that there is enough seating, that the reception area is easily accessible from within the funeral home, and that if you want to show a video or make an announcement during the memorial service that there is a sound system available for the reception area.

Funeral homes in Gable(SC) may offer catering services, which makes planning a reception a breeze. You will want to ask about the caterer and speak directly to the catering company before the event. Gable(SC) funeral homes strive to make the day of the funeral easy for you and your guests, so inquire about clean up services should you host a memorial service at the funeral home. While it's not necessary to take a tour of every funeral home in the area, it's important that you look at least a couple of places to determine which venue offers the services you need.