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Cremation Services Include

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Assistance in filing for VA & Social Security Benefits
  • Rigid container (for the return of the cremated remains)
Only $695 - $1395

Package Pricing does not include: cash advance items, state fees for permits, certified copies of the death certificates, alternative cremation container, sales tax or newspaper charges. You will be able to see final cost prior to payment.

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Veteran's Benefits

If your loved one was in the military they may qualify for a burial with Military Funeral Honors or (MFH). This Veterans benefit includes an Honor Guard detail of not less than two Armed Services members at the burial or memorial, burial in a Government cemetery, and a grave marker.

  Social Security Benefits

Family members of the deceased may be entitled to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased worked long enough and had Social Security taken out of their paycheck...

How to Give a Eulogy

The eulogy or speech given at a memorial service or funeral does not have to follow any specific guide on how to write a eulogy, but it is helpful if you know where to start.

What Should Be Included When Hiring Nebraska Cremation Services

The death of a loved one can leave you stunned so having a basic understanding of cremation services in Nebraska, whether you live in Lincoln or Bellevue, is important. You don't want to be blindsided with any issues that will hold up your efforts in taking care of your deceased loved one. Everyone needs closure with a death, so setbacks can be traumatic and frustrating. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring a funeral specialist when looking into Nebraska cremation services.

Elements You Should Expect with the Funeral Specialist

When you hire a funeral specialist for cremation services in Nebraska, you should expect a consultation with the director or representative of the funeral establishment, either in your home or office or in their offices. Another aspect with cremation funeral set-up is the utilization of the professional and administrative staff there in regards to answering questions.

The funeral specialist should be able to help you in obtaining the death certificate for your loved one with doctor certification. With Nebraska cremation services, they should also help you with the preparation of any legal documents such as authorization forms and cremation permits that may need to be obtained from your local county whether you live in Omaha or Kearney. The funeral specialist should also help arrange transportation of your deceased loved one from the place of death, whether it is a hospital, assisted living or home, to the crematorium. Keep in mind that if pick-up and delivery falls outside of their normal area for cremation services in Nebraska, mileage fees may apply.

If, for some reason, cremation is delayed, refrigerated storage may be necessary for your loved one. Part of Nebraska cremation services touted by the funeral specialist should mention this possibility and offer options. If refrigeration is not possible, embalming may be required to slow decomposition. In addition, cremation does not require a casket but it does require that your loved one be transported and cremated in a leak resistant, rigid container for safety.

As part of your deceased loved one's cremation services in Nebraska, the funeral specialist should be able to help you order extra copies of the death certificate. These are often needed for insurance benefit purposes as well as other issues that may arise from the settling the estate. These extra copies may not be included in the basic quote offered by the funeral specialist but crematory fees should be a part of the price.

Additional Nebraska Cremation Services to Consider in Planning

A basic cremation typically includes the consulting help, crematory fees and help from the professional staff of the funeral establishment. A decorative urn would be an extra expense to consider unless you plan to scatter the ashes somewhere; then the temporary container that the crematorium provides would be sufficient. Another aspect of cremation services in Nebraska to consider is a funeral service, memorial or even just visitation. With a public viewing of your deceased loved one, embalming would be a necessity whether you are offering simple visitation or a full service before cremation. In addition, you may have to rent a casket for the public viewing at an additional expense.

Many families are opting for a direct cremation after the death of a loved one and then having a memorial service at a later date. This avenue of Nebraska cremation services provides more time for family and friends of the deceased to re-arrange schedules so they can come together to celebrate the life of the deceased. For obvious reasons, public visitation is not a part of a memorial service of this nature but the cremated remains can be, particularly if you have chosen a special, decorative urn.

Scattering of the Ashes

With cremation services in Nebraska, state law considers this the final disposition of the deceased. What this means is that there are no hard, steadfast rules in regards to the cremated remains, or ashes. Basically, common, moral sense rules in this regards. So for private property, you should garner permission of the owner to scatter the ashes of your loved one. With controlled public land such as parks within city limits, look into the local government policies controlling this particular issue of Nebraska cremation services. Uncontrolled public land such as rural forested areas is an option for ash dispersal but the state asks that you don't publicize what you are doing.

Other ash scattering guidelines to follow include the possibility of a shallow burial, perhaps within a garden or landscaped area. Because the cremated remains are coarse like sand and whitish gray in appearance, they can stand out on lawns and even dirt paths. After cremation services in Nebraska, consider where you plan to scatter the ashes, if that is what you want to do. Water burial is an option; and if you do scatter the ashes on land, do so at least one hundred yards away from public roads and trails.

Of course, you do not have to scatter your loved one's ashes after Nebraska cremation services. You can choose to store them in a decorative urn and position the urn in a place of honor at your home. Storage in a columbarium is a possibility as is the option to bury the urn in a cemetery plot or stored in a mausoleum. Cremation services in Nebraska does not dictate what you do with the ashes after the cremation process; it is up to you as the next of kin to either carry out your loved one's wishes if stated, or choose what is meaningful to you.

With the help of consulting service of a funeral specialist, you can determine the best course of action for your deceased loved one. Don't stumble through the planning process alone. With the specialist's help, Nebraska cremation services will go more smoothly with little aggravation or stress.